Each gamer will have a unique Champion to build a team of tanks to fight for glory, which CHAMPIONS can be fully customized, upgraded, and eventually equipped with powerful items that can provide various benefits to their tanks on the battlefield.

The CHAMPION will have basic stats such as attack speed, attack damage, armor, and HP.


Champions start the game with Basic Tank and scavenge for Brodium thru Campaigns, Brodium Arena and PVP battlefields. Once accumulated enough Brodium to open mystery Warchests of different rarities, random parts such as Hatch, Gun, Hull or Engine will be found and used to assemble into a Tank.

Iron Forge

Champions can forge two same rarity parts that have farmed with a probability of getting even stronger parts of higher rarity. Parts used to forge will be burned and taken out of circulation when new parts are generated.

Brodium Mine

Brodium is the in-game resource that can be farmed by playing PVE campaign conquest or battling in PVP Brodium battlefield. Brodium earned can be used to unlock various rarity mysterious warchest. And Dominus would build mines to gain more Brodium for power.

$A.O.T Refinery

Research into refining Brodium leads to the development of the $A.O.T Refinery. Crude Brodiums sent to the $A.O.T Refinery are first transferred to the melting furnace. Thru a process of distillation different materials will be extracted until it arrives at its purest form. This pure essence will then be melded into the $A.O.T token!!

With the refinery working endlessly around the clock, Dominus will be participating in a yield pool to earn $A.O.T tokens daily.

Dome Nation

The Dome Nations, capital cities of every Dominus, are the social districts where the affluent, the influential, the scum and the wretched gathered. Besides finding friends, sitting down for a beer, trade stories, show off that new scalp from enemies head, in-game social systems also include CHAMPION Buddy systems, Guild systems, and Announcement systems.

Guild Hall

Diplomatic treaties, forming alliances, and betrayal all ultimately led to the formation of guilds. There are mutual benefits to be part of a powerful guild. After all, with so many eyes watching there is nowhere safer to sleep than in the Guild Hall.

Dominus can establish individual Guild on their lands to join 7V7 PVE battle and Guild Raid missions.

Concats Academy

CHAMPIONS undergo training to master a process called Concatenation. This process syncs the minds of the tank crew allowing them to fight as if it were one man in a suit. Schools were set up to train more CHAMPIONS with this ability, whereby Cadets are called Concats.

Dominus will have increased the Daily Energy threshold to facilitate the training of Concats.